Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Santa Came Early

Santa Came Early 

So I ran into Santa in a street lot today

He was riding a bike instead of a sleigh

I asked him, "Hey Santa! Does a guy have a choice?"

and he replied, "HO HO HO!" in a jolly ole voice

"Ya' see, I care not for your toys nor your bike for a sled..."

"But can you bring me an early Xmas Steeeeeel-HEAD?"

He then asked me quite solemnly, "You been a good boy?"

"Are you deserving a fish in place of a toy?"

I said, "Why YES! Mr. Cringle, Please check your list twice!!"

"I'm in the naughty column sometimes but mostly I'm nice."

He belted out a chuckle and again, "HO! HO! HO!"

"Stop your wishin; go fishin and that's how you'll now."

He went his way and I went mine

I got to the river I was feeling damn fine

Santa proved generous

I mean he REALLY came through

For I got not just one steelie.

I went TWO for TWO!!

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